I arrived in Iceland with a borrowed zoom recorder carrying it in my bag everywhere to record sounds as discreetly as I could. It was a second set of ears that I could position anywhere. After a week I was getting frustrated. The sounds I wanted were being obstructed by their activator, the wind. Known as Kári in Norse mythology, the wind is a singer with a very specific power. Teaching people how to use song to move energy, he is everywhere. I had no armour, no windshield, instead substituting my scarf or glove in the hope it would help silence the wind. Kári was frustrating me, but he was also performing these sounds for me. If I chose to embrace rather than reject him, what would I hear? Wind is moving the static, performing them, creating music for us, turning objects into wind chimes. One could hear the wind as an autonomous movement of the earth and embrace the planet as a performing entity. It highlights the physicality of sound as it brushes our ears. Moving to an online environment, we lack the sensation and chance of the wind. Headphones encase our ears, no longer acting as seashells. Sitting inside, I can still hear the strong winds.